Buy Boulevard Haussmann A typically feminine exuberance
pervades the expansive boulevards of Paris.
The new fashion collections have finally arrived.
Mademoiselle Simone cannot escape
from this exciting thrill.
In the department stores of Boulevard Haussmann,
she observes the incessant movement
of the doors as they open to and close
on richly dressed, perfectly manicured women.
Amidst all of this exhilaration,
Mademoiselle Simone becomes intoxicated
by a thousand different scents,
from the delicate fragrance of
silky fabrics to the sharp tang
of leather bags and perfectly aligned
shoes. The air carries a perfume of elegance that
can only be detected in Paris.
Top notes : petitgrain, lemon, bergamot.
Middle notes : iris, tuberose, ylang ylang, leather, opoponax.
Base notes : vanilla, patchouli, amber, tuberose.