Buy Rue du Cloître-Notre-Dame Mademoiselle Simone lacks inspiration
to create a new perfume.
She is not happy about this.
She has decided to wander the streets of Paris.
She always finds her creativity
by meandering through the streets
of the most beautiful city in the world.
Her feet take her to the
rue du Cloître Notre Dame.
Mademoiselle Simone enters into the cathedral.
The calm is shocking in contrast
with the constant thrum of the city.
The serenity soothes her.
The air caries the fragrance
of the burning wax of the candles.
Walking up the nave, the perfume
of incense grows stronger
and mixes with the smell of stone and wood
that have acquired a patina with age.
Top notes : elemi
Middle notes : incense smoke, mineral notes.
Base notes : sandalwood, cedar, birch, patchouli.